Andre Ferreira. With him since 2021.

Andre Ferreira in front of home

Whether you're refinancing your existing home, or buying your first one, you need a bank that’s with you at every step of the way, to help you make the best decision for you or your family. That’s why when Andre Ferreira chose to refinance his home in 2021, he selected us as the bank that could help him get it done quickly and easily.

“I had some bad experiences with other banks. They weren’t helpful in walking me through the process, and they weren’t really focusing on the experience portion of it for the customers,” Ferreira says. “But as soon as I got connected with NBC, my experience was amazing again.”

Sticking to his budget

Ferreira is from Brazil, and says he wants to set aside some money to visit his family back home once a year. Refinancing his home would allow him to save enough money to help him budget for these trips. But after reaching out to a few banks to get the process started, he never received a call back from several of them.

“I gave NBC a call, and Jo Lewis called me back the same day,” Ferreira says. “She was able to walk me through everything on that first call. And she always followed up with an email.”

Planning for the future

Looking ahead, Ferreira says he wants to start working on his retirement plans and improving his financial security. One option he’s exploring is starting a real estate business with a few partners. And when the time is right, he already knows exactly who he’ll talk to:

“If I am looking to get a business loan, the first person I’ll go to is Jo,” says Ferreira. “I’m not going to shop around.”

Home isn’t just the place you live, it's the place you dream. NBC can help you achieve those dreams – financial or otherwise – because we’re always with you, for you.