For purchase of a new or existing home, investment properties or land acquisitions we have programs to meet your needs.

*All loans are subject to credit approval.

NBC offers great ways to utilize the equity in your home.

Home equity loan:
A fixed loan amount and rate with regular payments.

Home equity line:
A revolving line of credit, interest only, with payments made based upon what you use.

Use equity loans for home upgrades, investment properties or land acquisitions. Some use equity for cars, vacations and consolidating debt.

NBC’s Bryce Morgan knows the ins and outs of home equity as a financial tool. Bryce is ready for your questions!

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Bryce Morgan

AVP Commercial Banking, Credit Administration

Here’s to your next adventure! Whether you're looking at a car or planning for a vacation, we offer great rates so you can be on your way, affordably. Please contact one of our personal bankers today!

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Jill Traynowicz

VP Retail Banking
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Kris Hansen

Senior Relationship Banker

Welcome to NBC Mortgage. 

To us, success is people happy in the place that they live and dream.  NBC wants to be the partner to get you to that place. 

Buying your first home?  You may have it all figured out, but if you’re anything like us when we bought our first homes, we wanted advice – someone who knew this mortgage stuff and did it every day.  Our mortgage team has been there, and we’re ready to talk about the options that best fit you. 

Buying a home and selling your current home?  This is a big transition for you and your family. Your situation is unique – you may have outgrown your current home or are ready to downsize.  Do you want to buy a new home, townhome, build, not sure?  We’d love to talk with you about this decision.  Products that may fit this situation include bridge loans, lot loans, construction loans, or a traditional mortgage.  Let’s talk about what will best fit you. 

Wanting to build?  Is your dream house in your mind, but you can’t figure out how to make it real and actually live in it?  We’re here, and NBC is ready to help you take those first steps and walk beside you until you are actually living in your real life, dream house.  

Construction Loans

A construction loan can make your dream project a reality, and we have the expertise to make it happen. Contact us today!

Lot Loans

NBC can finance the land you need to buy for a new home even before you start construction.  We’re local, know the market, and the community.  Our mortgage bankers will help you from start to finish to pick the place where your dream will become your reality. 

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans use equity in your current home to help finance the construction or purchase of your new home. 

FHA Loan

FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. They have a lower down payment requirement and offer higher qualifying ratios.

VA Loan

VA loans are available to veterans, in-service military and certain other reservists. VA guarantees a percentage of the loan.

Jo Lewis

Jo Lewis

VP Mortgage Banking, Senior Mortgage Officer
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Sam Raun

Mortgage Banker
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Bryce Morgan

AVP Commercial Banking, Credit Administration