NBC is pleased to announce the following promotions:

Nate Keller - Vice President of Commercial Banking

Bryce Morgan - Assistant Vice President of Commercial Banking, Credit Administration

Miles Anderson - Commercial Banking Officer

Connie Griepenstroh - Loan Administration Officer

Nate, Bryce, and Miles each bring a unique perspective to our customers and their banking needs.  Every day they fulfill NBC's mission by partnering with their customers and creating custom tailored, financial solutions for those customers and their businesses.  Connie has been key in the development of our loan administration function and leading her team.  I am proud of the work ethic of these team members and what they represent for NBC.

Chris Hove, President/CEO

Nebraska Bank of Commerce was formed Dec. 3, 2007.  Today, the bank has 40 employees and has grown to over $144 million in assets.  The bank's continued partnership with its customers and the community is the foundation for its success.  NBC looks forward to continuing to serve its customers, employees, shareholders, and community in the coming years.